Oh the places you will go…

I had the most fabulous conversation with one of my loved ones last night. He knows that I love to travel and very generously offered me the gift of using his timeshare for a week! *Cue happy dance*


Needless to say I was super excited and extremely grateful!! Then he dropped the bomb on me… I would have to use the timeshare before the end of the month or the week would expire until next year. So immediately I started thinking where could we go in the dead of winter? I know that we don’t want to go anywhere near the northern US with all the blizzards and -10 degree temperatures in the forecast recently. But I would definitely reconsider if someone wanted to invite me to Fashion Week (hint hint). We were thinking about Florida for obvious reasons but may want to venture elsewhere.

So my question of the day is:
Where would you visit in the Southern United States if you had the opportunity to go now? What would be the first thing you did?




Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


  1. Walesca Darce

    California! LA, SF, Sonoma/Napa county, or anywhere along the coast!

    1. Brittany

      It’s funny you said Cali! I was trying to convince my hubby to go to San Francisco and take a day trip to Napa Valley but it is so cold out there right now. LA might be nice ?

  2. Kim -StuffedSuitcase (@StuffedSuitcase)

    My girls would say Alabama, because they have a hope/dream of traveling thru all 50 states. Alphabetically is their preferred order. 🙂


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