Now ain’t that about an inch!

So here is a bit of randomness for you guys today.

For years I have been telling people that I am 5 ft tall. That was the measurement I was told during a routine physical assessment I got to enter into nursing school. Well today I decided to do my full measurements to get an idea of what I need to lose in order to meet my goal of a healthy BMI. I decided to do my height as well just to be certain that 5 ft was correct.


Lo and behold, I am 62 inches not 60 inches as I was told years ago! I did my height from the front, back and side and each time I got 62 inches! I am surprised and a little mad that I have been neglecting those 2 little inches for almost 7 years. I know I haven’t grown so they were there all along!

Why is this important you might say? Well for starters 5 ft tall is listed on my driver’s license, my nursing profile with the Board of Nursing, and on other important documents. Also being 5’2 gives me a different weight goal for a healthy BMI. I am actually relieved that I am not as overweight as I initially thought! Instead of needing to lose 10 lbs to be at the end of the healthy BMI spectrum, I now only need to lose 5! Yay! What a difference those little 2 inches made!

Well anyway that’s my random moment for the day. I thought I might share it with you guys. Hey you might want to take out a tape measure and check your height as well. You never know what you might discover !

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