My new obsession- Moccasins!

For years, I thought that moccasins were the most unflattering shoes on the planet- next to UGG boots of course! (Sorry to all you UGG lovers out there!). So I never would try a pair on. I thought there were best suited for grandpas smoking cigars in recliners LOL! (Now that I think about it those are smoking shoes not driving shoes…hmmm…*kanye shrug*). That was until my trip to California last December. I forgot my trusty slippers at home so I needed a new pair. I purchased a pair of gray moccasins from the neighborhood Rite Aid for $12. And oh my goodness those have got to be the most comfortable shoes I have ever slipped my feet into! Now I am obsessed with them. Honestly I only put on real shoes when I am going out (and sometimes I even wear them out). Shameful I know! So I figured it is about time for me to find a real pair of moccasins that are worthy to be worn out in public.

Here are a few that I wouldn’t mind having (but some would definitely have to be much cheaper!)


These blue ice moccasins by Rockport have a cute sleek design. I like the fact that they are not extremely wide and bulky like many moccasins that I have come across. I also like the fact that they are not lined with fur!


Love love love these hot pink mocs by Ivanka Trump. But of course when a Trump is involved so is a load of money! The price tag is just a little too rich for my blood. $140 may not be expensive to some but I rather wait until I see the sale price before investing this into a pair of shoes!

I found a lovely pair of Kurt Geiger loafers in a similar style for more than half of the price the Trump mocs! I had never heard of the brand Kurt Geiger but after finding their site during my search I might be a fan!


Then of course I had to search for some in basic colors that would really get the most use with my current wardrobe.


These Marc Jacobs flats would be a fabulous addition to my wardrobe. I love the bow detail on the top! I also love the fact that the dark camel color suede could be worn throughout the fall and winter months with shorts and tights, leggings, jeans or even skirts! Sigh! If only the price were a little lower! Anyone want to donate to the cause? (just kidding) šŸ™‚


These black moccasins by Timberland would probably be the most practical addition to my wardrobe. It’s just a great pair of shoes especially for the colder months.

I guess the old cliche rings true…never judge a book by its cover! Or in this case never judge a shoe by its fur.Ā šŸ™‚


  1. abip1907

    love my moccasins!!

  2. nonfashionista

    Such cute mocassins! They are amazing and confortable šŸ™‚

    1. brittany

      I can’t wait to purchase a pair. It’s hard to decide which one!

  3. artstylelove

    Me tooooo! I love them! LL Bean has some great ones under $100!

    1. brittany

      Thanks for the tip! I will have to check them out šŸ™‚


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