Motivational Monday Vol. 1

So many times when I reach a tough spot in my life, I sit down and try to come up with solution. I will contemplate for hours or even days about what I should do to change the situation. I am a Christian so I know that all I really need to be doing is giving my problems over to God and leaving Him to the problem solving but the type A personality I have makes it hard for me to do that. This mentality has caused me more trouble than its worth. Well this morning it seemed as though God was trying to drop me little clues to help me realize what I really need to do during those tough periods to change my situation. Instead of dwelling on the circumstance the solution to the problem is simply to change my mind!

Clue #1


Clue #2


After reading these little tidbits I have decided that I will give it a try. I wanted to motivate you all to do the same thing too. I think it will allow us to devote more quality time to more important things and protect our health in the process. After all we are much too blessed to be stressed!

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  1. Kajsa Josephine

    Thanks for the thoughts! Happy Weekend.


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