Making Progress!

Just a quick update on my progress from the 20 Goals, 25 Days Project. I am making strides but not as quickly as I would like. I still have about 12 days left to work on this list. Wish me luck!

  1. Apply for a U.S. passport! *Appointment scheduled for Dec 26th*
  2. Plan a trip to Hawaii for my dad’s 50th birthday. *will be working on this with my dad next week*
  3. Decide which blog conference I want to attend and register. *Can’t decide! Suggestions welcome!*
  4. Host a girl’s night out event. *in the works*
  5. Finish my letters in the ABC Date Night Challenge
  6. Finish a short story. 
  7. Enter a contest that displays my creativity.
  8. Learn how to edit a photo on Photoshop CC. *le sigh…the struggle is real!*
  9. Make a loaf of bread from scratch. *plan to do with my mom this weekend :)*
  10. Try sushi for the first time. 
  11. Create blog business cards and have them printed.
  12. Finish reading one of the many books I have started this year. *my plan for today’s flight*
  13. Finish the book of Psalms in the Bible. *only up to chapter 40 so probably won’t happen*
  14. Get to 400 followers on Twitter.
  15. Create 3 handouts for my nursing students.
  16. Take photos with my family in SC.
  17. Make a YouTube video.
  18. Get all Christmas shopping done by Dec. 18th.
  19. Create a household budget for 2014.
  20. Get invited and attend a random holiday party!

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