National Thrift Shop Day + $20 Thrift Store Challenge


It’s National Thrift Shop Day! I’m very excited about it. Back in the day, you couldn’t pay me to shop in a thrift store. I always thought of them as dirty places that people sent their old smelly items to rot and die. Well it turns out that thrift stores are actually fun places where you can find really unique treasures! Most of them are well maintained. I can’t say they all are though. I have had a few run ins with smelly thrift shops that make you gag as soon as you walk through the door!

The great thing about thrift stores is you can find awesome items for home and preowned clothing in excellent condition on the low! When I say on the low, I mean for as little as 25¢!  Have you ever gone to the mall or even Walmart and purchased an article of clothing for a quarter?? I have not.

I have scored a host of designer items as well. Recently I purchased a mint condition Burberry London blazer for $1.99, a pair of Stuart Weitzman sandals for $25, and even an Armani Collezioni blazer for less than $10. These items could cost me anywhere from $300- $1500 if I were to purchase them at full retail price. That is a huge savings!

A few weeks ago, Denise of the blog, Beauty and the Pleats, challenged a group of stylish bloggers in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area to create an outfit from a thrift store for $20 or less. The $20 limit did not have to include shoes or accessories as many people are leery of purchasing these items for hygienic reasons.  I was up for the challenge. As if I really needed any reason to shop. I found a really cute red dress from the Goodwill. It was originally from Target’s capsule collection by designer Prabal Gurung. The original retail price of this piece according to Target’s website was $49.99. I scored it for a mere $9.99! That’s a cool $40 that I got to keep in my pocket and the dress is in excellent condition!


Another element of this challenge was to do a mini photo shoot in our thrifted look. So I took to the streets of Deep Ellum with 2 bloggers, Addie of Old World New and Elle of My Friend Elle, to photograph our looks. We had a blast and were able to create some nice photos and great memories while beating the streets in 100 degree Texas heat!



Looking back at these photos makes me want to go thrifting. It is a national holiday after all :).

Have you ever been thrifting? What is the best item you have found thus far? If you haven’t been thrifting, what are you waiting on? There is something awesome out there waiting just for you!

Happy National Thrift Shop Day to all!

Stay inspired,



  1. thrifterlust

    I am an avid thrift shopper myself. The sole reason I started my blog is because I firmly believe you do not have to break the bank to look good! I love that dress you are wearing! Stunning 🙂

    1. Brittany

      Thank you! I agree that you can look amazing on a budget. I will have to check out your blog!

      1. thrifterlust

        Oh wow, thanks! That’s super sweet of you! I hope you like what you see, I’m a total newbie!

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