Last Minute Getaway!

Have you ever gotten a last minute invitation to getaway for a few days? Of course you accept! You are a certified travel junkie! You love a good adventure so undoubtedly you get super stoked about the trip. You are smiling from ear to ear. But wait….suddenly that happy feeling is now being overshadowed by overwhelming thoughts of “what am I going to wear?! What am I going to pack?! Do I have time to find a new outfit? I have nothing to wear!!

Well, pump your brakes ladies! Breathe 🙂 I have a treat just for you! It’s a foolproof guide for a last minute summertime getaway. With this plan you will be packed and out the door in less than 20 minutes! Heck you may even have time to do that last minute manicure and pedicure before you head out.

You just need the summer time basics:

Summer Weekend Getaway Ready!
  • A maxi dress or 2
  • A pair of denim shorts and a tee
  • A bathing suit of course 🙂
  • A pair of hoop earrings
  • One pair of flats and a pair of wedges to dress up a casual look
  • A pair of denim. I prefer white in the summer but you can also choose a dark wash.
  • A cute top to pair with your denim
  • A versatile accessory like a scarf. It can be used as a cover up for that bikini or easily converted into a dress, skirt or top if necessary.
  • A hat and some sunglasses (the sun is rather hot in the summer!)
  • A beach towel
  • Undergarments & toiletries are a given.
Simple, right? I told you so. You can choose a couple of items from this guide for that weekend on the beach or you can add a few items for that 4 day mini vacation at a lakeside resort. Either way, you will be packed and ready to go while having your friends/family/significant other thinking that you are some type of a packing ninja!
You’re welcome 🙂
Would you add anything to the list? Let me know in the comments down below.
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  1. morningsongsandbedtimeprayers

    I would add a headband or a clip for those who have longer hair. The headband can be doubled as a hair tie if its the elastic kind.

    Mrs. Tykera Earl


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