July 6th On the Rocks

I loved the back profile of this outfit! I looked much better going than coming for sure. P.S. the “C”s you see me making with my hands is not a gang symbol or anything. I was trying to make a heart with my hands but somebody who shall remain nameless (*coughs* the husband) took the photo before I could put my hands together! I still like it though so sorry if it looks offensive at first glance-definitely not intentional 🙂
I had on many different shades of blue & green today. For some reason the colors attracted me while I was shopping my closet 🙂
Handbag- Charming Charlie
Shoes- Christian Siriano for Payless
Pants- Body Central
Bracelets- Miscellaneous
Shirt Cato
Here is what I was really trying to get the honey to do 🙂 I guess better luck next time.   Don’t worry our photography skills will get much better! I must admit though I absolutely love the background.




Well guys I hope you enjoy!

Until next post,


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