Cold Weather Couture and a New Wood Watch

Winter is upon us and the struggle to get out of the bed is real. As much as my husband and I would love to work from home in our pajamas all day to keep from going out in the cold, we have jobs that require us to venture out into this bipolar Texas weather on a daily basis. The one thing that makes braving the elements bearable for me is the fact that I love my winter wardrobe. I love the cool colors, the fun textures, and the warm and cozy knitwear. Most importantly, I love accessorizing my outfits with a cool jewelry like a watch or jazzy pair of earrings, a handbag, a hat, or scarf. Accessorizing not only helps your outfit look put together but it offers layers of warmth that can be adjusted throughout the day.

If you live in an area like Texas, then you know how petty Mother Nature can be. She will decide that it will be 20 degrees in the morning then she will turn the thermostat to 70 degrees by 3 in the afternoon. Gotta love winter in Texas.

Recently, my husband has been hooked on accessorizing his outfits of the day as well. He’s a pretty simple guy when it comes to fashion. Give him a pair of jeans or khakis and a button down shirt and a pair of cowboy boots and he is ready to take on his day filled with international business calls and hours upon hours of meetings. Before last year, the only jewelry he would wear was his wedding ring. Now he is pretty obsessed with unique watches. He recently got the coolest wooden watch from JORD to add to his growing collection.

wood watch

wood watch

It is such a fun timepiece! I secretly want it for myself. I love that it is made in America. It was birthed right in St. Louis, MO! It is also made from sustainable materials. The little details in this watch like the functional gears and the turquoise colored second hand make this piece stand out from the pack.

wood watch

Hopefully, I will get to “borrow” his chic wooden watch from time to time to add a little pizzazz to my own outfit. That’s if he ever decides to take it off. I may have to get a wooden watch of my own.

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