Well on Sunday as I mentioned in a previous post I got bit by the DIY bug! I have 2 arm chairs that I have been staring at and wanting to reupholster for months but never had the time to do it. So now that we just moved into a new rental property and they don’t match any room’s decor in the house I had no choice but to get it done. I had seen this done on the DIY channel and HGTV at least a few hundred times! I had reupholstered them before. It can’t be that hard right? Pishhhh! Boy was I ever wrong! What I thought was going to be a 2 hr project turned out to be about 6.5 hours of frustration. Between the staple gun malfunctioning to alignment issues with the fabric to dreaded back pain, I was getting whooped (yes I said whooped) and by a piece of furniture no less! My husband asked me several times throughout the process “So who’s winning over there…you or the chair?” Of course I wanted to say I was but I had to honestly admit I was being defeated by a stinking armchair! But I had the final victory. The chair came out beautifully! But unfortunately my thrill of victory will be short-lived because now I have to fight with it’s twin. Next time I will leave the reupholstering to the experts. Pics will follow shortly!

Have you ever attempted a DIY project that was more of a hassle than you assumed? Leave me a comment down below and tell me about it ūüôā

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