It’s a conspiracy I say!

So tell me why every time I make plans to go away on vacation I get a case of some type of illness! It never fails its either a stomach problem or allergies, cold, or some other ridiculous respiratory issue! I am scheduled to go to Atlanta this week for a conference and what happens… a sinus infection :/. I am miserable! I have so much pressure in my face and jaw- especially on the right side. I have been blowing my nose all afternoon, my throat is sore and I have to work tomorrow! Yes that maybe a little too much information. And yes I am throwing a pity party  extravaganza right now…and you have been cordially invited LOL! I am running on about 3 hrs of sleep from getting up and down all night due to having trouble breathing.

On the bright side of things, I got to catch up on one of my favorite shows at 3 am- the Suze Orman show. For those of you unfamiliar with Suze Orman, she is a financial guru on CNBC. I love her show because she gives great tips on how to manage your finances. She has a segment on the show called Can I afford it? It amazed me how many crazy confused people called the show to find out whether they could afford the most off the wall items based on their financial situation. First of all, if you need someone to tell you whether you can afford to purchase something based on your financial situation, most likely you are not managing your finances effectively-just saying! Sigh, I digress.

Anyway the craziest thing I heard was a woman call in to say that she wanted to remodel her home for $20,000. Ok…doesn’t sound too bad right? So when they asked her about her current financial situation she said that she and her husband were unemployed, their monthly expenses were nearly $5000 and their unemployment income was only $1700. If I was the one who answered the phone I would have been like “Are you kidding me??? Ma’am bye!” Really?? Why did she even call??? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell that she couldn’t afford to remodel a matchbox at this point much less a house! She can barely afford to live in the house!  Why do people try to live above their means? That is something I will never understand. I’m not saying I have it made in the shade over here but I at least have common sense to know when I am too close to my limit. I guess I will come back from this tangent. I just took you all the way around the world in 5 minutes or less. Just admit it- you love it 😛

Anyway I hope you guys had a great day. Thanks for your continuous support of my ranting and raving and the story of this lovely thing I call I like to call my life :).

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