It freaks me out!!! :x

Are there things in your life that make you a little paranoid at times? Well one of the things that really makes me nervous is this….


You are probably sitting there looking puzzled at this point so let me explain. This is a picture of two highway overpasses that I have to drive under during my commute to work. These highways have a posted speed limit of 70 mph. No matter how fast I go or how hard I try, I always seem to get stuck at the traffic light and end up in this space between these roadways. So for about 3 minutes or so of my life I am extremely worried that a car or truck will cause an accident over head and someone or something will come flying over the side of this overpass and land on little ol me! I know it sounds crazy lol! I guess I have watched one to many Final Destination movies in my life. I also have seen a car flip off one of these things a few years back so I know it’s possible! I always say a little prayer for the light to hurry up and change and for the people above me to drive carefully! I know you are thinking that is so weird! I agree! I’m sure if I had never witnessed that accident the overpasses wouldn’t even phase me.

So do you have any strange fears or things that freak you out at times? I would love to hear about it!

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  1. Kajsa Josephine

    I have a fear of goat´s cheese. Haven´t heard of other people with a similar fear. I just don´t like to touch it.

    1. brittany

      That’s very interesting Kajsa! I don’t think I ever have tried goats cheese before because of the smell. Is it the texture that freaks you out?

      1. Kajsa Josephine

        The whole concept of it. The smell and texture. Yes, the smell is strong for the nose 😉

  2. Snow

    Bugs creep me out~ I’d leave the room if there was a cockroach in it…


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