Inspiration Station #8

In 2010, I had the realization that nursing is not my true passion. Although I enjoy helping people and making them feel a little better, I could probably give up nursing tomorrow and not be extremely sad about it.  On Friday I sat down and pondered what my true passion is. I wondered what I could be perfectly content with doing for the rest of my life. And it came to me as clear as day! ( I plan to keep it private for now!) I shared some parts of my dream with a couple of people in my life and I got a few mixed reactions. Fortunately I have learned to be comfortable enough in my own skin to not be affected by other people’s opinion. I have to live my own life and not allow others to try to live vicariously through me. I realize that time is too precious to waste and it is never too late to do something different as long as you are alive! So instead of doing my career without passion, I will put my own stamp on the profession as well as use it as a way to propel me into my true passion. When the time is right I will walk into my purpose with passion! I came to encourage you to do the same thing!


Hope you all have a great Sunday!

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