Senseless acts of violence plague the front page of newspapers. Some of these senseless acts in urban areas and farm towns are never even covered by the media but they still occur daily. In the past week I have been wondering how people could be so spiteful and evil. The shooting in Colorado hit a nerve in me. It made me want to be leery of all people. It made me want to be on high alert at all times. I mean how could I feel safe to do normal everyday activities after seeing what happened to all those innocent people who were just trying to enjoy a movie in peace!  The whole situation is just so frustrating especially the fact that the killer seemed so nonchalant about the entire event.

I pray for those families who are coping with the lost of their loved ones and also for the ones who are trying to recover from their injuries. And then this morning I was reminded of a prayer that I used to say all the time when I felt overwhelmed. I thought it might inspire you all as well.


Something about this prayer just makes me feel at ease.  I can’t change the fact that the world we are living in has some evil people. However, I can have the courage to not let this world change me. I will continue to be a light in a dark place. I hope you all will let your light shine as well.

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