I Have a Confession…


I almost gave up on my no shopping challenge this week. The photo above shows the shoes that almost made me throw in the towel. I went into the department store looking for a gift for my mother in law and the shoe section lured me in. These shoes were on display and they kept calling my name. I tried to ignore them but the lights from the showroom made them shine bright like a diamond. Finally I answered the call. I got the sales associate to retrieve my size. I tried them on.

Why did I try them on?! They looked amazing! Each complement from women passing by about how great they looked on my feet made me want them even more. Each step on the cushiony sole of these beauties made me justify the inevitable purchase in my mind. They checked all the boxes I look for when purchasing a pair of shoes- comfort ✔️uniqueness ✔️inexpensive✔️ great quality✔️✔️. The sales woman even tried to convince me that I “deserved” these shoes. Then it hit me…I would never be able to enjoy them.

As I sat in front of the mirror admiring these beautiful Alex Marie shoes, I realized that I would have to tell my friends, family, and readers that I didn’t successfully complete my challenge. I know that you all didn’t set this challenge for me, but many of you have been very supportive throughout my journey. I did not want to disappoint you nor did I want to disappoint myself. So when the sales woman finally came back to check on me, I handed her the shoes and told her I made the decision not to buy them. She was disappointed but I wasn’t. When I walked away from the shoe department I actually felt quite liberated. Temptation came and thought it would conquer me but in the end my determination prevailed. I’m nearing the homestretch now and hopefully on May 1st I will be able to say that I didn’t shop for 4 whole months! This has been a real challenge in self control but definitely worth the struggle. Hopefully my journey will inspire others to gain control of their spending habits as well.

Would you have purchased the shoes? How do you fight temptation? Share your thoughts below.



    1. Brittany

      Thanks! I love them. My hubby actually surprised me with them a few days later. #winning


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