I can’t keep up with the Joneses!

While lying in bed last evening, I took a good look around my master bedroom. It is filled with a variety of beautiful items. Clothing, shoes, electronics, furniture, books, movies, etc- just a whole bunch of THINGS!! My room is not cluttered due to its size but I came to the realization that there is a whole lot of stuff in here. And then I had an epiphany! My life is seriously being dominated by material things. When I am bored, I spend hours looking online at clothing, shoes, decorations, etc. I work hard just to have spending money to be able buy more stuff.  If don’t get this under control now, I believe it could seriously turn into an addiction. And I am certain that I wouldn’t be alone.

Spending Money

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Have you ever considered how much money we spend on things? People buy bigger houses because they have a lot of THINGS. People get bigger cars so they can carry more THINGS. People purchase big insurance policies to cover their THINGS. People go into debt to be able to afford THINGS. People work multiple jobs to pay for THINGS. It’s like a never ending cycle. These THINGS have started to take control our lives. It’s like modern day slavery.

To be quite transparent, I had to pray and ask God to help me get a handle on my purchasing habits (and will continue to pray about the issue). I don’t want material things to have that type of power over my life. Although I don’t buy very expensive items, I still purchase unnecessary items because I don’t like to pass up a good deal. I have so many items that I need to sell that still have price tags on them. It’s quite sad now that I think about it.

So in an effort to change my habits, I have decided that I am going to TRY EXTREMELY HARD not to buy anything EXCEPT necessities (toiletries, food, etc) for the next month or more. I am also going to try to sell as many items as I can here on my blog, eBay, etc. I need to get back to the basics. I have less than a year before my lease is up and I would like downsize before our next move. I would like you guys to encourage me to stay on track. The last items I purchased were a pair of sneakers and a new camera with a wireless adapter due to arrive next week (super excited…eek!). I am going to buy my dad a Father’s day gift and then I will NOT be purchasing anything else for a while. Hopefully one day I can adopt a life of minimalism. I mean really ..how many shoes can one possibly need for a mere 2 feet?!

Y’all pray my strength in the Lord! 🙂

Have you ever felt that things were taking over your life, house, finances, etc? Share your experience.

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