Hello Nation’s Capital

Well guys the travel bug has struck again. We are currently in the 2nd city of our 3 city tour- Washington D.C. Let me just say its far more interesting then I remember. The last time I visited this city was during a field trip in the 8th grade. I remember thinking it was quite boring back then but I am truly loving it as an adult…so far. Today has been filled with its ups and downs but I have managed not to kill my husband so that must count for something, right? We decided to try to immerse ourselves into the city life so we decided to take the Metro from the airport instead of a cab to our rental property. Probably not the smartest idea with luggage but we rolled with it anyway.

Once we left the Metro station, we tried to use trusty ole Google Maps to guide us for the mile walk we had to the condo. For the record, Google Maps sucks big time! We walked in a circle in Downtown Washington D.C. for at least a half an hour. And because we didn’t want to seem as though we were being defeated by Siri, we decided to keep turning around and crossing streets over and over instead of stopping to ask someone for directions. We were trying so hard not to look like scatterbrained tourists but I’m sure the fact that we passed the same people at a local bistro about 3 times was a dead giveaway. At one point we ended up in front of the White House. I turned to my hubby and said I’m sure we are not staying here tonight lol. Although I’m sure with all the rooms they have in that house, they wouldn’t have even noticed. After about 45 minutes we finally arrived at our condo. Yippee! I haven’t been so happy to reach a building in a long time! *Note to self: Next time take a freaking taxi! Save the city experience for after the check in!

After getting settled in, we decided we needed to eat to replace the 900 calories we burned trying to find the place so we headed out to find food. The aroma from a local barbecue joint met my nostrils on the street corner and I was sold before we even crossed the street. We met the aroma at a spot called Hill Country Barbecue and I am glad we did. First of all, the restaurant was themed after Texas Hill Country barbecue and I currently live in the Texas Hill Country so it was like I found a little piece of home in the city. Luckily that aroma that lured me in did not disappoint. They made one of the best barbecue brisket sandwiches that I’ve had so far. If you ever visit DC, be sure to give them a try! You won’t be sorry.

After lunch, we headed over to the International Spy Museum. It was pretty interesting! We participated in an interactive spy mission that tested our abilities to think quickly and be extremely observant. Afterward, we went to the School for Spies where we were given aliases and cover stories that we had to remember while there. We visited various exhibits about real life spies. One thing I found surprising was the fact that Julia Child, Josephine Baker, Edgar Allan Poe, and Daniel Defoe were all spies! That made me wonder who some of the modern day spies could be. And of course there was an exhibit about the most infamous fictional spy of all- Bond… James Bond! The exhibits were awesome. We walked that huge museum for hours!

Our feet were aching by the time we finally left. Luckily for us, there was a beautiful art sculpture garden near the museum. We sat on a concrete bench for a mere 15 minutes before a security guard starting yelling that we all needed to leave. Apparently things shut down in D.C. at 5 pm sharp! And they mean that doggone thing! So we left and headed to the National Mall to chill in front of the Capitol Building for a while before heading back to the condo for the evening. My hubby was exhausted so I am allowing him to get all the rest he wants to while we are here in DC. We will be heading to NYC on Friday afternoon and there will be NO rest for the weary once we get there!

Well as you can probably tell from this novela I just penned, I am just a little bored. I guess I will wake him up shortly so that we can determine what we are going to do for dinner.

P.S. I am going to try to blog my exploits during my vacation rather than after the fact. That way I feel like I am taking you guys along with me! Unfortunately, I am blogging from my travel sidekick- my iPad so I won’t be able to show you my awesome photos until we return home. *Note to Apple* include an SD card slot on the next iPad! I’m sure that will be on the iPad 356 coming out later this year.

Hopefully your brain did not explode from all the words that are coming out of this post. Leave me a comment down below and let me if you plan to follow along for my vacation adventures.

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  1. mlevel06

    Wow sounds fun, interesting, and exhaustive lol, DC and NY is surely on our to do list I can’t wait to hear more and see pictures have fun


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