Happy New Year! + Personal Goals

I know I am a tad bit late but Happy New Year everyone! My life since Monday has been a whirlwind of delirium induced by 103 degree+ fevers, a crap load of medicine, Kleenex, hand sanitizer, etc. Needless to say, I am a tad bit behind the eight ball but hopefully not for long. I plan on going to see the dr. this afternoon so that I can be on the mend by the weekend (fingers crossed). You know as a nurse I believe I can fix anything at home. I usually have to be nearing the threshold of death before I finally say ok let’s go to the dr. If I hadn’t run out of antibiotics from my last illness I would probably not even go to the dr. But I don’t recommend this for you guys. Please go to the doctor and finish your antibiotics as prescribed 😉 I must say I am a bit bummed that I didn’t get to wear the outfit I bought for New Year’s Eve! But I still have plans for it…oh yes I DO!!


On another note, I only came up with a few personal goals for this year. I am trying to be more realistic this year so I am keeping it simple. On Sunday, the pastor asked everyone to pop out of their seat and yell one word to represent something that we would not carry in 2014 with us. My word was DOUBT!

So my number one goal for this year is to live without doubt. I will not doubt my capabilities, I will not doubt God, I will not the ability of circumstances to change for the better, etc.

Goal #2 Devote more time to God. 

Goal #3: Save more money! I want to learn how to invest money wisely. I feel it is necessary to be a good steward over the money that God has blessed us with. At times, I spend a little frivolously. Its nice to have pretty sparkly things but this year I want to use the money for better reasons like donating to charitable organizations making a difference in people’s lives.

Goal #4: Travel internationally! I would love to go somewhere tropical outside of the US!

Goal #5: Continue to strengthen my marriage to my wonderful husband 🙂 This will always be my goal!

Bonus: Keep meeting wonderful people via my blog and hopefully develop some new friendships!

What are your goals for the year?


  1. Somdyuti D. Ray

    I’ve promised to not doubt myself this year too. I realized I need more confidence and faith in myself to get better. Also, the part on saving- spot on! (:

    1. Brittany

      Thanks! Good luck to you on reaching your goals 🙂


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