Gratitude Day 18-26

Monday 11/12

I am grateful that I have a great job. So many people are being laid off and have been unemployed for months and even years. I don’t take the blessing of employment lightly!

Tuesday 11/13

I am grateful I have great friends and family who are always concerned about my safety. I work late in the evenings and sometimes end up driving my hr commute home around midnight. There is always someone in my group of friends or family who sacrifice their sleep to talk to me all the way home so I don’t get tired 🙂 They are awesome!

Wednesday 11/14

I am grateful that I have Wednesdays off to recuperate from working long hours at the hospital. I can just kick back and relax or sleep in late without any interruptions!

Thursday 11/15

I am grateful that I don’t have to cook tonight! I love having a night off from cooking every once in a while.

Friday 11/16

I am grateful that I get to go to Fort Worth (my previous home) and catch up with my friends and family. I love that area. It always feels like home!

Saturday 11/17

I am so grateful that my husband bought me some new clothes for the fall and winter months! He is so sweet!! I was complaining about my clothing being too now that I have lost some weight and that I was tired of styling some items that I have had for years. We went to one of our favorite little town squares in Southlake TX and NY and Company was having a everything 50% off sale. I went a little crazy to say the least. I was going to buy all the items myself when my husband walked in the store and stopped the cashier from swiping my card and paid for all the items himself. The cashier was so impressed. I have such a great guy.

Sunday 11/18

I am so grateful that I get to visit my favorite church in Dallas for a change of pace. I love watching the church online but I love it even more when I can fellowship will thousands of other believers and bask in the presence of God together. It’s such an amazing feeling.

Monday 11/19

I am so grateful for my dad! Today is his birthday and I am grateful for his life. He is always there when I need him. No matter whether I am thousands of miles away or right at his house, he always finds a way to make sure I am ok. I know a lot of people were not blessed to have a relationship with their fathers so I am so grateful that my dad has been such a pivotal part of my life. I love him 🙂

Tuesday 11/20

I am so grateful for God’s protection! Today I was driving to work and a car pulled out in front of me while I was driving 70 mph! I know it was God that kept us from colliding. I had already slowed down some people I had a very STRONG feeling that the car wasn’t going to yield before trying to merge onto a two lane highway. If I hadn’t slowed down a bit we both would have probably been seriously injured or most likely someone would have died. I am thankful for my heavenly entourage…grace and mercy follow me everywhere I go 🙂

What are you grateful for today?


  1. storybookapothecary

    I can’t believe I missed this one!

    11/ 12 I’m so grateful for my job too! I don’t think about it too often, but when I do, I always feel thankful because I know it’s hard to get employment nowadays and also that it’s made my life so much easier having a good stable job.

    11/13 I’m grateful for my boyfriend’s mom. We work pretty late into the evening and she always makes us dinner weekdays. I know we don’t always get along, but I do appreciate that and it’s certainly something she doesn’t have to do.

    11/14 I’m so grateful for my mom. She’s always thinking of me. She always surprises me with small presents for no reason, brings me awesome food dishes that she made or just loves me unconditionally, even when I’m not particularly deserving. It means so much that she has loved and cared for me my entire life and not ever complained.

    11/15 I’m so grateful for my family. It was my dad’s and little brother’s birthday today. I’m so happy I could spend it with them! Plus, my sister’s pregnant and she’s the most adorable little pregnant lady. I just feel really blessed to have a good family.

    11/16 I’m so grateful for time and that I can take it to relax, hang out and enjoy life without worrying.

    11/17 I feel so grateful that I have humor in my life. Sometimes, life gets difficult and we need laughter.

    11/18 I feel so grateful for my dog. I know, it sounds weird to some, but my dog is always there to cheer me up when I’m sad, to make me laugh and to care for me with no expectations.

    11/19 I’m so grateful for my legs. I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t move around independently and I feel really grateful that I am able to walk, run, skip, exercise and get around.

    11/20 I’m grateful for my blog. Sometimes I feel down, annoyed, etc. and my blog has really kept me positive and centered when things have gotten tough. Now, I don’t know what I’d do without it. I feel so happy to meet new people through my blog and connect with people around the world. It’s been a huge privilege.



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