Gratitude Day 11-17

Tuesday 11/06

Dear God, I am so grateful that the election is over! I was so tired of seeing all the negativity from the political ads to my Facebook news feed. I hope that we can be civil now that the election is over!

Wednesday 11/07

I am grateful for my nieces and one little nephew. I love to spoil them and then send them home with their parents. They definitely keep my life very interesting

Thursday 11/08

I am grateful for my mommy! She is one of my best friends in life. She is always there to keep me grounded. She tells me what I need to hear even when I sometimes don’t want to hear it. She listens to me and makes me laugh. She always has been there for me. I am also grateful to God that she kicked CANCER’s butt in May. God is good. No more cancer for her. That was definitely the highlight of my year!!

Friday 11/09

I am grateful for my husband’s coworkers. We have traveled around this country together for the last 3 years and they are awesome. We are like an extended family now. We celebrate birthdays and holidays together. Its been a great feeling to know that you can have a family unit even when you are so far away from your real family.

Saturday 11/10

I am grateful for being able to relax on the couch today. I am under the weather again but this time I have a stomach issue 🙁 For some odd reason I have been nauseated all day long. But I’m still grateful I can rest here and catch up on college football and my shows on TiVo.

Sunday 11/11

I am grateful for my awesome husband again!! He is absolutely the best. He loves me flaws and all. We have been through a lot in 5 years (health issues, relocation together, being separated in 2 different areas of the country 2 times due to job assignments,etc.) He had to go to VA while I was stuck in NC and then he had to go to CA while I was stuck again in TX. And through all of that our relationship had only gotten stronger. I love him to pieces. This year we actually renewed our vows while we were in Las Vegas for our 5th year anniversary. It was so much fun 🙂 I will insert a few pictures of my DIY items for that event here:

I love his boutonniere! It is so adorable. It took less than 5 minutes to create. He got a ton of compliments from the brides and staff at the chapel.

I wish I could show you guys pictures from the actual event but they have a copyright on them and I don’t want to have to deal with the hassle! But they are beautiful 🙂 It was just the two of us since it was only our 5 year anniversary. But it was a very sweet gesture of our love towards each other. I would marry him over and over again without a second thought! He is amazing 🙂

Well what are you guys grateful for this week? Let me know in the comments below 🙂


  1. storybookapothecary

    Tuesday 11/06

    I agree with you on this one! I am sooo tired of all the political nonsense. People are getting crazy still even now lol. Super grateful it’s over! Plus, it stressed me out!

    Wednesday 11/07

    I am grateful I have enough money to pay my bills and help out others too.

    Thursday 11/08

    I am so grateful that I can walk and move around comfortably. I know it sounds really basic, but a lot of people can’t do this basic thing so I’m very grateful for it.

    Friday 11/09

    I am grateful for Fridays! Each day in the week means something to me, but Fridays always get me excited – for sleep, rest, farmer’s market haha.

    Saturday 11/10

    I’m grateful that I don’t have any health problems. Apart from being overweight at the moment, I am in perfectly good health and I often take that for granted. I know people with health conditions and also illnesses – I see how they struggle and I am grateful I am in good health so I can help others.

    Sunday 11/11

    I am grateful for sleep! I hardly ever get enough sleep during the week and Sundays are when I catch up on that by going into a semi-sleep coma til at least noon haha.


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