GIG Spotlight: What I want in my bag 2013 tag


GIG Spotlight: What I want in my bag 2013 tag

Here are a few random things that I want to add to my beauty bag this year  (heck this makeup bag would be nice too 🙂 )!
1. The Queen Collection gloss pencil by Cover Girl- They just look interesting. I’ve never seen a gloss in a lip pencil form so I would like to see how they work.
2.The Naked 2 palette by Urban Decay: I have wanted to try this brand of eye shadows for a while but every time I get ready to take the plunge, I chicken out. $52 for some eyeshadow just seems a little steep. We will see if I finally make the purchase this year.
3. Cover Girl Clump Crusher mascara: I have heard a lot about this mascara being amazing. I absolutely love Maybelline’s Mega Plush Volum’ Express mascara but its not waterproof. I have the tendency to have itchy eyes due to allergies so I rub them A LOT. This causes me to have the raccoon eye effect by the end of every day. I’m hoping the Clump Crusher will give me the same gorgeous lashes without the raccoon eye drama.
4. Marc Jacobs Dot: I smelled this fragrance during the holiday season and I really like it. I didn’t buy it because I just got a Coach Poppy perfume set for my birthday and I am not done using it yet. I would be satisfied with a rollerball of this scent rather than the entire bottle.
5. Lush Sweet Lips Lip scrub: I have been dying to try Lush products! I have heard rave reviews about their lip scrubs so I would like to try one. I have the tendency to get dry cracked lips often especially in the winter and summer months. I usually just use sea salt to exfoliate them but a sugar scrub sounds much better.
Well what’s on your wish list? I would love to hear about it!
Until next post, Brittany


  1. Donah D. Sweetjellybean

    Oh, I’ve been eyeing on that Dot for Marc J, and everything I go to the store, I keep sniffing it and spritz before leaving! haha terrible! Wish we had Cover Girl here, really like their mascara range. You should try it out.

    Thanks for joining hun! 🙂 xx Donah


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