4 Gift Ideas for the Frequent Traveler

Are you looking for a gift for that frequent traveler on your list but can’t figure out what to get them? Well no worries, SM&S has you covered. Here are 4 thoughtful gift ideas for that girl who is always on the road or that guy that stays in and out of the sky!



  1. If your friend or family member is a weekly business traveler, chances are their luggage has seen better days. One gift idea would be to upgrade a piece of their luggage for Christmas. You can get them a new carry-on bag or carry-on suitcase. I love this duffel bag carry-on from Sole Society. I also love this champagne-colored carry-on from Calpak. This lovely gift will forever remind the recipient of you while they are packing and unpacking for their travels abroad.

  2. This portable toothbrush sanitizer will help kill any germs your traveler may pick up while freshening up in the tiny airplane bathroom during an international flight, while making a pit stop at a sketchy truck stop during that long overnight road trip, or even while doing missions work in a third world country. 

  3. If your frequent traveler is anything like me, they are constantly researching their next travel destination…sometimes even while on vacation. Having a book featuring some of the best travel destinations on the planet at arms reach means deciding on the next destination is as simple as turning the page. This gift also makes great reading material for those long haul flights.

  4. This gift idea may be my absolute favorite of all (hint to family and friends reading). If your travel lover wants to go global but they are not fluent in various languages, they are in luck!  A pair of language translation ear buds called the Pilot will make it easy for travelers to communicate with people of different nationalities around the globe. This device is only for pre-order at this time. However, just the thought that your travel lover will soon be able to discover the world without the concern of language barriers is well worth the wait!

Are you a frequent traveler? What’s on your wish list this holiday season? Share with us in the comments below!

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  1. Jocelyne

    I have never heard of this toothbrush sanitizer. I may have to get one because I’m so germophobic. hehehe thank you for all the
    -Jocelyne from resonatecreations.com

  2. All smiles

    great ideas!!! I would have never guessed…


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