Get Rid of the Zits!

Today while I was standing in the mirror assessing a painful pimple that is plaguing my face, I had an epiphany. It ministered to my heart and I figured someone else out there might be blessed by this message.

Problems, insecurities, and secrets are like pimples (zits). You can try to ignore them, you can try to conceal them but that flawless facade will only last for a little while. At some point, the pain of the pimple will become uncomfortable or even unbearable. Then seemingly out of no where, it will rear its ugly head. You can walk around with the zit and try to pretend that it is not bothering you but it will be right there on display. It can no longer be hidden.

At that moment, you will have to decide to deal with it. You can’t just deal with it at the surface level. No, you must push through the pain to get to the root of that pimple or it will rear its ugly head again and again. You may cry, it may bleed, it may be the worse pain you ever dealt with in your life. But once you remove it correctly, it’s gone. The pain ceases and healing begins.

I just wanted to stop by to encourage someone out there to get rid of the zits! It may not be easy, and it may be painful, but I guarantee it will be worth it. Remember you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength ~Philippians 4:13!

I am about to finish packing and head out to MegaFest. Hope you all are having an awesome day!

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