DIY Printable Calendar & Goal Chart

I am a sucker for paper products. I know I know…I’m not very environmentally friendly in that regard. I especially love notebooks and planners. Last week I went on a search for a new planner for the upcoming school year since my current one expires this month. While shopping around with my hubby, he suggested that I could probably make one cheaper than I could buy it. It never really dawned on me to even try to create a planner. So I accepted the challenge…and a challenge it has been.

I tried finding templates on Google but most of them aren’t customizable. So I decided I would just make my own template using Photoshop Elements. Well that was an epic fail.  I am really beginning to dislike Photoshop Elements!. No matter how many times I have tried, I cannot seem to get the hang of that program. It has become a total waste of money for me because I just end up using to Pic Monkey or Pixlr Express for all of my graphic design projects. But I digress. After a few hours of playing around with Pic Monkey I was able to finally come up with something! So I figured I would share my DIY projects thus far.  Once I have all of the elements of the planner, I will take it to my local office supply store to have it bound.

august2013September2013 goalchart

Here is the actual 2013 calendar template:

2013 calendar template


I like the circles a lot! It’s something different from the traditional square calendars. I’m still working on making the calendars better but I haven’t quite figured out how I can save them so that other people can customize them. If you all have any suggestions on how I can achieve this, PLEASE leave them in the comments section. Also since I love you guys oh so much, you are welcome to use any of these templates for your own personal use. All you need is regular 8.5 x 11 paper and a printer. My plan is to use card stock for durability. I will share more pieces of the planner puzzle as I create them.

Happy hump day guys! Make it a great one 🙂


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