Forget the American Dream! I’d Rather Have Financial Freedom!

Someone asked me when my hubby and I were going to settle down and buy a house. Honestly I couldn’t answer that question but was able to tell the person that I wasn’t buying a house until I could afford buy it with cash.  She looked at me as if I was on fire with seven horns growing out of my head! I know it may sound weird to some but I do not want a mortgage.  After dealing with the bank for student loans, which in itself is like an educational mortgage, and car loan payments, I just don’t want to have to deal with financial institutions anymore.  I  don’t want to be enslaved to another material possession for 15-30 years. It seems like a jail sentence to me and I really hate debt. I’d rather have financial freedom.

Unfortunately many Americans are living in a modern-day slavery to material things. We have been sold an unrealistic dream for so many years… the big house with the white picket fence,  the fancy car, boats, clothing, the list goes on. Rather than learning to wait and save our money until we can buy these nice things, we were taught that it’s ok to go into debt to get it. As long as you have good credit, you can get whatever you want, right? At least this is what many people believe. This belief is quite evident by looking at the current state of our economy. America is trillions of dollars in debt because we like nice things and we want them now. Don’t get me wrong.  It’s nice to have something to work toward but material possessions should not control our lives! Some people work three and four jobs or loads of overtime, just to be able to keep up a facade. I never have understood why people try to ball out like millionaires when in reality they are working 2 minimum wage jobs.

I used to think I was behind the eight ball because I didn’t have all these nice things like my friends and family but I now have a different perspective on life.  I realized that a lot of people gain a lot of debt to keep up with this standard of living. I am not willing to do that anymore. If I can’t truly afford to buy something that I want, I will have to live without it until I can.  I am content with us saving our coins to get what we want. Yes, it may take us several years longer than the average American to become homeowners but we are ok with that. Once we meet our goal, our house will be 100% ours with no strings attached. That will be such a beautiful feeling. Right now, we will continue to enjoy the flexibility of moving whenever or wherever we want or when necessary to save more money or make more money.  At the end of the journey, I feel I will have something worth more than a house…peace of mind! That my friends is priceless!



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