One Busy Saturday!

Saturday July 6th was an extremely busy day! I returned to my hometown on Friday night to attend my biannual family reunion. I always enjoy returning to South Carolina because I get to visit with all my family and friends. I am usually super bored at home in TX.  I only have my hubby and the deer to keep me company so returning to my hometown was a refreshing change!

My dad and I decided to spend the morning and early afternoon hours together. We headed from South Carolina to Savannah GA so that we could complete a few last minute errands before our family banquet that evening. My hometown is right on the GA/SC border so it wasn’t a long drive. When we arrived at his barber shop in Savannah, I immediately spotted a beautiful historic church right across the street. I am such a sucker for beautiful architecture. The doors of this church screamed my name. My dad’s barber was running late so I was able to persuade him to take a few photos while we waited on his barber to arrive.

Took a candid picture of my dad while he was waiting to cross the street 🙂


Outfit details:

White laser cut Sapphire blouse: Marshalls

White shorts: Ny & Co

Handbag: Henri Bendel

Sandals & Hoops: Random Mom & Pop store

I love the way white pops against my skin tone. I decided to throw this outfit on because it was extremely laid back and cool enough to withstand the southeastern heat and humidity.



Here is a closer look at the church. DSCN0127


My dad’s barber actually gave me an extensive history lesson on the church after he noticed that I was so enthralled by its beauty. This church was actually run by Savannah’s 1st African American nun named Matilda Beasley. She has an awesome legacy within this community. She was responsible for keeping this church afloat by donating all of her money to the church when she passed away.


This church was also one of the film locations of the movie “Forces of Nature” featuring Sandra Bullock and Ben Affleck. According to the barber, one of the scenes for the movie was shot in the gymnasium of the church. I thought that was pretty neat. While waiting on my dad to finish in the barber chair I decided to walk a couple of blocks to take a look at another historical landmark- the infamous Gingerbread House.


I wanted to take a look inside but it was closed due to a private event. After the event we went to downtown Savannah to do a little shopping and out to lunch before heading back to SC. I arrived just in time to jet over to my cousin’s baby shower.

She is such a cute pregnant woman. We expect her little bundle of joy in the next few weeks :)
She is such a cute pregnant woman. We expect her little bundle of joy in the next few weeks 🙂


After playing a few games, eating some awesome appetizers and taking a plethora of photos I had to rush back to my dad’s house to get ready for our family reunion banquet back in Savannah GA that evening. It was great to catch up with family members who I hadn’t seen in years. We ate great food. We had a fashion show. We Wobbled, Cupid shuffled, and line danced for what seemed like hours. We had a ball!





When I returned to my dad’s house around midnight Sunday morning I was exhausted! But I wouldn’t trade that day for the world. There is nothing like hanging out with family….all 3,000 of them LOL!

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  1. mistyfuji

    I’ve only been to Savannah once and I feel in love with the city. Looks like you had a great day!

  2. brittany

    I really did! I’m tired just thinking about it 🙂


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