Easter Joy

Easter Sunday is here. I love the Easter holiday for a variety of reasons. Some of my favorite childhood memories were made every Easter at my grandparent’s countryside home. First, my cousins and I would take turns to getting our hair done by my grandmother.  She would either use a straightening comb or stove curlers on our hair based on our mother’s request. I still remember the sound of those hot curlers clicking as my grandma worked her magic. She was a pro at using those things. I still struggle using a blow dryer a blow dryer at times.

After getting my hair done, I remember racing across the hill to make it home in time to get dressed for church. My mom always bought my brother a stylish new suit and dress shoes to wear for the day. She always styled me in a fancy little dress with cute frilly socks and shiny new shoes for the occasion. We loved dressing up and couldn’t wait to show off our cool new clothes to our cousins and friends at church.

At church, we would recite our memorized speeches and sing songs about the resurrection of Jesus in the children’s choir. My favorite song was “He Arose”. I can hear the sounds of dozens of kids singing that song in a variety of keys. It was totally not planned that way lol.

I also remember every Easter Sunday that the church was nearly always packed to capacity. All your Christmas, Mother’s Day, and Easter Sunday or as we call them in the black church “the CME” members make a special appearance on this day. I always enjoyed connecting with those who I hadn’t seen in a while. #NoShade

After church, we would head back to my grandparent’s house for a family dinner and a large Easter egg hunt around their beautiful South Carolina farm.  We always had so much fun. There was always a competition to see who could find the most eggs and also who would get the golden egg. Sometimes I was lucky enough to find the golden egg. I smartened up over time and started searching for it first because it contained MONEY! Those were the days I tell you.

Nowadays, I refer to Easter as Resurrection Sunday. It helps me truly keep the day into perspective. As I have grown I’ve realized that it’s not all the pomp and circumstance that makes the day meaningful. It’s the fact that Jesus was crucified on a cross as a sacrifice for our sins. He laid down His life for us and rose again on the 3rd day so that we could be saved by His amazing grace and have eternal life with Him. Now don’t get me wrong I still love a cute dress and a good meal, but I definitely don’t allow those things to cause me to lose sight of the real reason for celebration according to my faith. My savior lives!

Happy Resurrection Sunday to all. Have a great Easter Day!

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