Dress Shopping Guide

I have said for months that I want to transition to an all dress wardrobe. I have big plans to start on that as of tomorrow morning. My hiatus from shopping has given me time to really define what I am looking for in a dress. I have developed a shopping guide for me to use in the quest for the everyday dress.

Dress style: Sheath, Shift, or Fit and Flare

 Neckline:  It is important to know what type of necklines flatter your figure best. My first choice is a scoop neck or square neck. Next alternative would be a V-Neck. No boatneck dresses allowed in my wardrobe. I have very broad shoulders and I feel this style is not very flattering for me.

 Length: Everyone has a length of dress that they feel most confident in. I am becoming more modest as I get older. I will be 30 next month so I think I am going to retire the mini dress. Most of the dresses I currently own are knee-length. I prefer that length especially since I love flaunting a pair of cute shoes. I am not really a fan of midi dresses because I am so short. They make my legs look really stumpy. I would however wear a maxi dress during the summer. I just love the movement of maxi dresses in the breeze on the beach.

Sleeve Style: I want my dresses to be able to transition into all seasons, so I would like the majority of them to have short sleeves or long sleeves. I will get a couple of sleeveless dresses for really hot Texas days. Spaghetti straps and Strapless dresses are out of the question because (A) I am well endowed and its a hassle to keep the girls under control and (B) They will be harder to transition from season to season. If you have longer arms, you might consider doing a sleeveless dress style. If you have shorter arms I would suggest to stay away from 3/4 sleeve styles.

And finally I have a few curveball expectations for these new dresses. Even though I am striving to have a more feminine and flirty style, my dresses must be able to pair well with my trusty leather jacket. I absolutely love leather and it’s one of those elements of my wardrobe that I will never part with. It must be able to be worn with boots, flats, pumps, and sandals. I know that’s asking a lot but the ideal dress needs to be multifunctional for all seasons. And lastly, I need to be able to accessorize the dress differently each time I wear it. It would be pretty sad if I could only wear the garment one way. I am far too creative to be limited!

So tell me, what would your perfect everyday dress look like? Have you transitioned to an all dress wardrobe? Are you considering it? Let me know in comments below!

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  1. tianna

    great tips! Love dresses in spring and summer

  2. blessedndetermined

    Love this! I was just saying how I wanted to wear dresses or skirts to work! We have a lot in common.

    1. Brittany

      You should totally do it! We can give each other tips.

  3. Juliste

    Hello! Just found this page. For a while
    now, I too have been thinking of
    transitioning to a dress only wardrobe, and
    have been researching how to get started. I
    know it’s been a few years since you
    posted this, and I was wondering if you
    wouldn’t mind an update? Thank you!

    1. creativityarise

      Hi Juliste! Thanks for commenting.I will definitely post an update for you soon. Stay tuned 🙂


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