DIY Quickie: Nail Polish Remover Pads

It’s scorching hot here in Texas! It’s time to break out the sandals and flip flops and get creative with the manis and pedis. If you are a girl who likes to experiment with colors and designs like I do, then this is the perfect DIY for you- felt nail polish remover pads. Sounds easy enough, right? I promise you it’s so easy you could do it while standing on your head….if you have good balance of course. Personally, I love using the felt nail polish remover pads for removing my polish over cotton balls. Cotton balls tend to shed way too much and even fall apart at times.  I found myself purchasing a box of these felt polish remover pads at least 1 or 2x per month. At a cost of $4 for a box of 10 pads, they were not a very good investment. So I figured I should probably throw convenience to the wind and create a more budget friendly option.

Here is all you will need for this project:

  • A bottle of your favorite nail polish remover
  • scissors
  • a small plastic or glass container with lid
  • felt squares (from your local craft or fabric store)

First, cut the felt into squares small enough to fit into your container.



Fill container with squares and pour enough polish remover to saturate pads from top to bottom.



Use, replace lid, enjoy!



Cost of this project:

  • $1 nail polish remover from local dollar store
  • 2 sheets of felt $0.29
  • The scissors and container: I already had at home.
  • Total $1.29 for nearly 100 remover squares
  • Price if I had purchased conveniently packed 100 remover squares: $40
  • Savings: $38.70

Sometimes the price of convenience is really not worth it. If I need to take these remover pads on the go, I plan to use a small ziplock bag or a flat container. We all know how I feel about saving money…#winning!

Hope you enjoyed this DIY Quickie! If you would like to see more DIY projects on my blog, make sure you hit the like button down below!

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