DIY book covers

It’s back to school time for children and college students here in the States so I decided to do a super easy DIY project for all you parents and student out there to cover your dull boring textbooks. All you need are scissors, double sided tape, 2 sheets of scrapbook paper, and of course your book.


It’s quite simple to do. Basically you just fold and cut the paper to fit the book. Use the double sided tape to adhere the paper to the book front and back.












Just add the second sheet the tape and second sheet of paper to the edge of the book to get a sleek clean look. Tape and fold and voila! An chic new book cover!







How fun does this look?


This project is very inexpensive. This week Michael’s has 12×12 scrapbook paper on sale 5 sheets for $1. So the 2 sheets used for this project cost me only a whopping $0.40 to make. I had the scissors and tape on hand. It’s a great way to customize books for school aged children so that they can easily find their books amongst a pile of others. Or if you are like me its just a great way to do something more productive than watch tv in bed all day on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Hope you all are having a great one 🙂



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