Digital Detox

This weekend I have decided that I am going to try to break away from the digital age. I am going to regress to a simpler time in my life. A time where I actually spent time with my friends and loved ones and gave them my undivided attention. A time when I could only receive calls on a landline phone and had to wait for ages to get on Internet due to the slow dial up connection. A time when I had to use the outhouse in the country because there was no such thing as indoor plumbing. Who am I kidding?  I don’t know anything about that!   But you guys get the picture.

I am craving simplicity. My plans for this weekend are going to satisfy my desire. I’m going to take time to curl up in bed with my new book “The Fault in Our Stars”. I’m going to download and listen to some new music. That’s not real simple but it will definitely be relaxing! I’m going to give myself a much needed manicure, visit a museum, and hang out with my friends.


For one weekend, I don’t want to deal with my problems or anyone else’s.  I am going to enjoy myself and unplug from every distraction.

On another note: I need song recommendations for my road trip playlist. Please leave your favorite song of the moment down in the comments section below!

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