My Experience at Diner en Blanc Dallas 2016

I have been dreaming of attending Diner en Blanc since I first learned about the event in 2012. I told anyone who would listen about the event only to be met with blank stares.  It seemed that many people didn’t understand my interest in attending an event that you (A) pay a fee to attend, (B) dress in all white, (C) are responsible for bringing your own tables, chairs, decor, food, and drinks and (D) have no idea where it will be held until the day of!

I must admit it does seem a little crazy now that I think about it but it’s these unorthodox details that makes DEB so appealing to the thousands of people who attend Diner en Blanc in cities and towns across the globe!  On September 30,2016, more than 2,000 of my fashionable DFW neighbors and I attended the second annual Diner En Blanc in Dallas.

So what exactly is Diner en Blanc? DEB was started in France 30 years ago by François Pasquier as an intimate picnic gathering with the host and a handful of his fashionable friends. This chic picnic has now become an international phenomena!

How does it work? The process is simple. Each year participants wait for the announcement of the date of the event and the dates for registration. Registration for the event is done in 3 phases. If you’re lucky, you get to go in phase 1 and easily secure your spot. Phase 3 for registration usually sells out in minutes. I actually tried to register in phase 3 this year but never got through. I thought I’d have to wait another year or travel to another city to attend. Luckily, I secured a spot as media so I was able to finally attend. #praisebreak

Once you have a confirmed spot, the fun of outfit planning and table decor planning begins. This is where you can let your creativity run wild. The catch: everything must be all white.*Queue frantic pinning on Pinterest, internet boutique browsing, and craft store perusing.*  Once the day finally arrives, the participants get onto a bus at an assigned rendezvous point with all of their belongings and head over to the secret location. I love a little mystery. I spent the day before the event trying to come up with ideas of places DEB could be held. I didn’t guess it right though. This year DEB was held at the Dallas City Hall. It was such a pretty location right in the heart of the city. The view of the Dallas skylines were amazing!

Photo credit: Justin Yoder

Once the participants arrived at Dallas City Hall, they immediately began setting up their tables. There were so many fun centerpieces. My favorite was a hot air balloon and cloud with lightning strikes and LED raindrops. You could tell the participants put some thought into their creations!

img_6324Once the entire row of tables had been dressed, participants took a seat at the table. The waving of the napkins marked the official beginning of the event.

Photo credit: Justin Yoder

Guests then began feasting on their specially prepared foods. I spotted dozens of varieties of charcuterie platters, french macarons, cupcakes and other french style desserts. I even spotted some main course entrees like steak dinners for two and roasted chicken and vegetables. I was very impressed by the meal choices. Of course, diners popped bottles of  champagne and kept the wine freely flowing. A jazz band played in the background as the attendees feasted and enjoyed mingling with other members of the table.

Photo credit: Justin Yoder

A second waving on the napkins marked the end of dinner. The entertainment switched into high gear. The DJ turned up the volume and the guests hit the floor dancing to some old school and popular dance tracks. The infamous “Cupid Shuffle” made it into the mix.  I love to line dance so it was on and popping at that point.

Photo credit: Justin Yoder

There were also a few photo booths ,presented by the event sponsors Apothic Wine, Southwest Airlines, and Mercedes-Benz, that the guests could hit up for a cute photo to commemorate the night.


The night ended with a fireworks show and many cheers from the crowd.

Photo credit: Justin Yoder

Overall, it was a good night! I finally crossed an item off my bucket list and met some amazing people in the process. Next year I hope to get to experience the event from start to finish as a member. Maybe if I cross my fingers now, the stars will align and I will get to register in Phase 1. Here’s to hoping!

Disclaimer: I was invited to Dîner En Blanc as media.  Opinions and thoughts presented in this post are strictly my own.  Special thanks to KR PR for the invitation!





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