Days Like This…

Some days I wish I had a social butterfly handbook. Seriously someone needs to write one of those and send me an autographed copy!  It’s so ridiculously frustrating that I have lived in my area for nearly 3 years and I have yet to venture out to a fun social event alone. There are so many cool things going on tonight but I am laying in bed surfing the web instead of going out. I always feel uncomfortable going places by myself. I usually go EVERYWHERE with my husband and that is getting old quick. Our interests have changed as we have gotten older. I don’t want to subject him to things like fashion shows, craft shows, and other girly things. At this point in my life I should be confident enough to go to an event alone. I’m working on that.

The major setback seems to be the fact that my introversion to extraversion ratio is 2 to 1. I feel like I could be a social butterfly but I’m trapped in the cocoon. Darn you introversion!!! All I want to do is meet new people who actually share my interests and have some fun. Is that too much to ask? *le sigh*  



4 thoughts on “Days Like This…

  1. Sometimes u just have to take that plunge.Yes, it will be awkward at first but you will find that it becomes easier the more you go to events and meet people. Only you can take that first step Brit! So do it trust me you won’t regret it.:-)

  2. I feel you on this! You just have to make yourself do it though. I make myself choose between having the experience or avoiding being uncomfortable. What do I want more? When avoiding the uncomfortable wins, I am totally ok with it.

    1. I’m trying to get there. Slowly but surely. I actually did a few things outside of my comfort zone on Saturday and it felt great! Definitely going to start pushing myself outside of the box.

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