Ever since I was a little girl I have always been fascinated with London. I don’t know if it was the British accent or the architecture that first attracted me to the city. I have always said to myself that one day, I would travel the world and England would first place I would visit. But first I must conquer my disdain for long flights! I am able to tolerate flying but only for short periods of time. The longest flight I have taken is about 5 hours long. That seemed like an eternity! I was so ready to get off the plane.Unfortunately I haven’t been blessed with the ability to sleep while flying.

So I guess until I can manage to sit through an 8 hour flight, I will just daydream about London. Things like red telephone booths, taking a tour of the city on a double decker bus, getting dolled up to enjoy afternoon tea at the Ritz hotel. I can taste the tea and finger sandwiches now (hey I can pretend, this is my daydream! LOL).


I would love to play Dance Central with the Queen and take a bunny ear photo behind the guards at the gate at Buckingham Palace ha ha!(I did say this was a daydream 🙂 It is my goal to make one of these guys laugh hysterically while I’m there and then snap a photo!


And then finally after I have my fill of the city I will take a train ride to Paris to enjoy all its splendor! How cool would that be? Well maybe one day! And of course I will take a million pictures to share with you guys to document my journey!

SO have you daydreamed about anything lately? It really does keep life interesting.

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  1. GianCarlo 。(◕‿◕)。TheDaydreamer

    what a coincidence! I have always dreamed of living in London. Wow!
    and… Daydreamer here! .

    1. brittany

      Awesome! I’m certain one day both of our dreams will come true 🙂

  2. cinnaspring

    Ahhh London IS amazing, and I actually met the Queen before (a few weeks ago) while I was having an advocacy weekend with Lincoln’s Inn. She was so lovely and that made my whole British experience even better! Don’t forget about the London markets too, I LOVE them! On my daydream, I have been dreaming of going to Greece….or Sao Paolo!

    1. brittany

      How cool! I bet meeting the queen was amazing! Greece looks like it would be a beautiful place to visit. Strangely enough I have never heard of Sao Paulo. I will have to google it. Thanks for reading 🙂


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