While we were in California, we decided to take a quick road trip down the famous Pacific Coast Highway to beautiful San Diego, California. The drive from Orange County to San Diego took about 2 hours and the scenery was beautiful.


The view of the Pacific Ocean during this drive was beautiful! There is actually a train that travels this route as well. I would love to take it from point A to point B one day.
The view of the Pacific Ocean during this drive was beautiful! There is actually a train that travels this route as well. I would love to take it from point A to point B one day.



Once we arrived in San Diego, we rode around the city admiring the architecture. I am so intrigued by buildings! If you follow me here you will notice that I have a lot of photos of buildings from everywhere we have visited. I will try to keep them to a minimum. Here was one of my favorites that I was able to capture during the ride.



After riding around we decided to visit the World Famous San Diego Zoo.


We had a blast! If you ever visit the San Diego area, this is a MUST SEE attraction that couples, families, single people, anyone will enjoy.


This panda bear was so stubborn. He was determined not to turn around. I imagine he was thinking I don't bother you during meals so don't bother me.




We grew tired of walking so we decided to finish the tour of the zoo by double decker bus. It's a free service offered by the San Diego Zoo. We definitely appreciated it!

This is my favorite photo from our zoo experience. The kids kept tapping on the glass to try to get the hippo to come over. He came straight over and hit the glass. Everyone seemed a little nervous and stepped back. But then he just stayed there for a little while. It was the first time I had seen a hippo up close and personal.

After our trip to the zoo we decided to have an early dinner at the Harbor House.  It was here that I learned a valuable lesson.

I present to you travel tip Numero Uno (#1) If you are obsessed with photographing everything (like I am) take a spare battery with you. It’s not as helpful to take the charger because chances are you don’t want to have to track down a place to plug it in or waste time waiting on it to get some juice.  My battery died but not before I could get 2 cool shots from the restaurant.

View of harbor from our table.


My honey :)

The food at the Harbor House was divine and the service was excellent!We had a great view of the harbor from our table. I would definitely recommend the restaurant for great seafood. Prices are comparable to most seafood restaurants that I have visited with entrees starting in the $20 range. If you visit, be sure to try the Blue Crab Cakes appetizer. It was amazing.

We ended our day with some shopping at the little boutiques around the restaurant and then we made our 2 hr trek back to Orange County. We had a blast!

Until next adventure,


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