Easy like Sunday Morning

I have a love -hate relationship with dresses. I love the fact that they make you feel sassy and feminine but dislike the fact that so much preparation is involved before putting one on. You have to ensure that your legs are shaved (unless you prefer the peach fuzz look then more power to you!), make sure you pick the right undergarments, figure out the right accessories, etc. But on the positive side, I absolutely love the fact that they are so light and airy! I also love that it’s one garment! Dresses don’t require standing in the closet trying to match items to create an outfit. It’s the perfect item for the woman who wants to look good in a limited time and even with a limited budget. Dresses can sometimes even be much cheaper than other outfits (depending on your style).

Well this morning I decided to whip out this floral number that I bought back in May. This is it’s official debut! I got all dressed up to head off to church. After church, the hubby and I had a lunch date and did a little grocery shopping. And of course the rain had to make an appearance! A Sunday just wouldn’t be a Sunday without it!

When we returned home the rain stopped for a little bit. It was just enough time for a quick mini photo shoot in the yard with my umbrella. I had fun posing for the camera!  Here are a few of the best ones. My photographer did a great job ;).

Dress and Cardigan- Loft Outlet,  Shoes- Payless, Necklace and Earrings Target,

Bracelet- Sears Grand! & Rings- Charming Charlie

And then of course there were some quirky ones LOL! In these shots I channelled my inner softball player!

Swing batter batter! SWING! LOL! Look at those calves!

I need to get back into the sport! Don’t mind the awkward stance 😛 Smile! Hope you all had a fantastic Sunday!

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  1. Kajsa Josephine

    So pretty and glowing 🙂

  2. Mara (@EccentricOwl)

    You look gorgeous! I agree about the preparation part of wearing dresses; it’s especially annoying for me having to shave my legs all the time because I’m allergic to most soaps. But I guess it’s worth it to be able to just throw on a dress and go!

    1. brittany

      Thank you so much!


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