Day 13 A Little Bit Country

This morning I decided to do a mini photo shoot due to the fact that the SUN is SHINING!! Yay! If you have been reading my posts lately, you will understand why that made me so happy! I am getting out of the house today! I don’t really like to travel into the city when its raining. I like to be at home relaxing, catching up on a book or DVR, or something productive while the weather does its thing. I am only running a few errands but that’s better than being indoors. This morning it warmed up quickly so I decided to throw on my cowgirl hat and have a little fun! This outfit is what I like to call “a little bit country” :).

This picture was the funniest because it actually came out decent considering the fact that I had to run, jump up on the bench while holding on to my hat and the tree to get balanced before the self timer on my camera went off LOL! I am getting pretty good at this self portrait thing. My set up includes a stool, a tripod, my camera with a 10 second self timer and lots of running! By the way, my neighbors were sitting in their sun room watching me the entire time. I’m sure they think I’m nuts! Oh well I’m just adding a little spice to the neighborhood haha!

Hope you all are having a great day!

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