Day 10 Cloudy with a chance of rainbow sherbet!!

Today was another rainy day in my area and apparently it is going to rain all week. No worries though because its always a beautiful day in my world 🙂 Anyway I decided to wear one of my favorite summer colors- coral! Coral is such a beautiful color and it looks amazing against my skin tone. No matter what the trends are for summer, I always  seem gravitate toward the colors coral, turquoise and white. If I only had a summer wardrobe based around this color trinity, I would probably be a happy woman.

Shopping in my closet has been so much fun! I have so many things in there that I totally forgot about.  I found this pair of coral shorts that I purchased in the spring. And then I came across this shirt that matched with them perfectly. I usually try not to be so matchy matchy because I don’t want to look as though I am wearing Garanimals for adults but in this case I couldn’t resist. The combination made me so happy!  I call this outfit cloudy with a chance of rainbow sherbet. Doesn’t it remind you of sherbet or those little italian ice treats you can buy from street vendors during the summer? This outfit was perfect for lounging around and making  jewelry all day (I can’t wait to show you guys some of the items I created :).

Can you guys tell that I have been watching America’s Next Top Model? I was trying to “smize” (smile with my eyes) but it didn’t work out LOL! But hey I still get an A for effort. Practice makes better! Hope you all had a fabulous Monday!

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