The Crazy Rain of Confusion

It has rained all day. It’s cold and very dreary. I was dreading the commute to work this morning. Bad weather always makes the commute into the city extra long. It took me an hour and a half to make it into work. Once my students and I made it to the hospital and onto the unit, it was almost a madhouse. As I greeted the staff, I noticed they looked extremely stressed out. For some reason, they had a lot of confused patients today. I think the dreary weather brought out the “sundowners”. We call patients who get increasingly agitated and confused once the sun goes down “sundowners”. Don’t judge us. One lady was screaming to the top of her lungs, there were a couple of confused patients who kept jumping out of bed, and one patient was so confused that he even to ripped off his colostomy bag and the smelly contents sprayed the nurse and the tech taking care of him. Needless to say they were not happy campers! It made me think of the commercial when the man was dangling the dollar in front of the woman and said “oh you’ve gotta be quicker than that” LOL! I wanted to say it so bad but I knew that would add insult to injury.

Days like this make me grateful that I don’t work at the bedside full-time anymore. I am still able to help the patients by teaching my students the proper ways to care for them. Luckily my students and I are able to escape the craziness after only 8 hrs instead of 12! I am sure those nurses will be extremely happy to get off today. I am pretty certain their faces will look a little something like this.


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