For the Love of Creativity: Cinderonce by Todrick Hall

I love a great musical.  I think they are the epitome of creativity and artistry. I always wished I could sing and act but unfortunately I don’t have those gifts. That doesn’t stop me from admiring those who do and attempting to recreate their songs, dances, characters in the comfort of my home of course. I was super excited to see that Todrick Hall (@toddyrockstar on Twitter/Instagram) used his amazing talent to put together a fun musical called Cinderonce. Cinderonce is the story of Cinderella told through the music of Beyonce. How creative is that?!  Although I am personally not a Beyonce fan (shocker!) I can appreciate Todrick’s creative vision in meshing her songs to this classic fairy tale. Be sure to watch his amazing production down below.

I love this video! I think the actors, singers, and dancers did an amazing job. I would love to hear your thoughts!

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