Easter Joy

Easter Sunday is here. I love the Easter holiday for a variety of reasons. Some of my favorite childhood memories were made every Easter at my grandparent’s countryside home. First, my cousins and I would take turns to getting our hair done by my grandmother.  She would either use a straightening comb or stove curlers on our hair based on our mother’s request. I still … Continue reading Easter Joy

Dining Room Reveal @ Carson HQ

A Dining Room Story ‘Twas the day before Thanksgiving and at the Carson place  was a busy Brittany panicking because she had an empty dining space. She had family arriving for dinner the next day but she grew calmer knowing she could make her dining room great. So off to At Home, World Market, and Hobby Lobby she went with a vision in mind and money to be … Continue reading Dining Room Reveal @ Carson HQ

My Experience at Diner en Blanc Dallas 2016

I have been dreaming of attending Diner en Blanc since I first learned about the event in 2012. I told anyone who would listen about the event only to be met with blank stares.  It seemed that many people didn’t understand my interest in attending an event that you (A) pay a fee to attend, (B) dress in all white, (C) are responsible for bringing your own tables, chairs, decor, food, … Continue reading My Experience at Diner en Blanc Dallas 2016

4 Travelers to Follow on Instagram

What’s almost as exciting as taking a vacation? Browsing through thousands of unique photos captured by travelers around the world during their vacations! There are so many travel related accounts on Instagram. I follow too many to count. They are without a doubt my favorite accounts to stalk scroll through early in the morning before hopping out of bed. It’s something about seeing the world from another person’s point of view … Continue reading 4 Travelers to Follow on Instagram

A Night under the Big Top: My Universoul Circus experience

“Fun, exciting, and a little nerve wrecking!“ Those are the 7 words my friend used to describe her first time attending the Universoul Circus. I would totally agree. This was my 4th time attending the show and it did not disappoint. It was as thrilling for me as it was for my friend and her family. This was their first circus experience ever. I loved … Continue reading A Night under the Big Top: My Universoul Circus experience