Get Rid of the Zits!

Today while I was standing in the mirror assessing a painful pimple that is plaguing my face, I had an epiphany. It ministered to my heart and I figured someone else out there might be blessed by this message. Problems, insecurities, and secrets are like pimples (zits). You can try to ignore them, you can […]

A Ram in the Bush

There are times in our lives when things look a little bleak.  Maybe you are searching for a job. You have put out more resumes than you can count and have pounded the pavement but to no avail. Perhaps you are having health problems. You have done everything in your power to improve the situation but […]

Several Different Names but a B#tch Ain't One!

Several Different Names but a B*tch Ain’t One by Brittany Carson In today’s society it should be a crime how women of all ages have been objectified What’s even sadder is the fact that some women answer to the names that people have given to us like it’s a twisted little game They call us tricks and b*tches and prance us around […]

Everyday Tourist

Have you ever noticed how adventurous you become when on vacation? I went to San Francisco on Saturday and I realized that I transform into a new woman when I am away from home. Seriously I think I have a different personality that shows up when I travel. I am like Braveheart with braids. I am open […]

My Life in Stereo: Pick Me Up Playlist

There are times in life when you may be feeling a bit weak in your faith or may just be feeling less than confident. Like every human on planet earth I have faced my fair share of struggles, heartaches, disappointments, and much worse. During these moments in my life, I turn to music that is uplifting. Sometimes I […]

Flaws and All

I have a confession to make. For years, I struggled with body image issues. Like many women, I constantly focused on my body imperfections. I would pick myself apart.  “How can I cover this?”, “I have to fix that!” , “I need to lose a few pounds.” “I can’t wear something like that because my boobs […]

A Ha Moments & Muses: Vol. 1

Inspiration is everywhere. It can be found in nature. It can be found when browsing the internet. It can be found in the least expected places. People can also be inspirational. Here are just a few of the a ha moments and muses from my week. I love to start my morning off listening to inspirational people. One […]