Bulldozing through the Commute

Some days I wish I drove a bulldozer to work.

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I’m so serious. Today is one of those mornings that I wanted to learn how to operate heavy machinery just so I would have a license to push all the ridiculous drivers onto the shoulder of the highway. Just picture it. My petite body operating 2 tons of fun with the song lyrics “move, get out the way” by Ludacris  blasting on the radio! Wait.. do bulldozers come with radios? Let’s just say it’s blasting on my phone. I digress.  You may be thinking “Whoa Brittany! You have a serious case of road rage.” I bet once you hear the things I saw during my commute this morning you will totally understand my frustration.
The city of Houston is one of the ten worst cities in the country in terms of traffic. I finally figured out why. People are so preoccupied with so many other things while driving that they can’t be bothered to actually drive!

Today I was stuck behind a lady who was not keeping up with traffic. People were passing us and even jumping into the lane in front of her. When I was finally able to pass her, I looked into her window thinking she has to be texting someone. What I saw just blew my mind. This chick was putting on false lashes. I was like really?! You have me over here doing 10 mph so you can put on freaking lashes! Why couldn’t she do that in the parking lot at her destination?

But wait… there’s more. I have the misfortune of getting stuck behind another driver in a pick up truck who was swerving in and out of the shoulder lane and my lane. I’m wondering to myself is this guy sleepy? Is he drunk? Is he texting? Either way I am worried about his safety and mine. So I put on my signal light to get over and a kind samaritan let’s me over. I look over into his window and what do I see? Take a wild guess. I’ll wait… This dude was typing up a document on a laptop! I was like really dude? You have got to be kidding me! Just because your laptop is portable, that doesn’t mean you should use it everywhere. How dangerous is that? And sadly that’s not the first time I have witnessed this craziness since I’ve lived in Texas.

This kind of tomfoolery is the reason why the number of deaths from car accidents in this city is so high and why I have just a touch of road rage. Humans of Houston please do better!  Or else you will force me to have licensed to drive a bulldozer and push those of you who purchased your drivers license online off the road. Don’t worry guys I’m only kidding…or am I 😉  Anyway what’s life without a little crazy thrown up in the mix?

Hope you all a having a fabulous Thursday. Only one day until the weekend 🙂

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  1. briecash

    Lol! I totally feel your frustration. I’m a Dallas native, and they have entirely too much construction going on on ALL of our major interstates….I usually get stuck behind the person who forgot how to drive because they have rims on their car….its terrible.

    1. Brittany

      Thanks for the heads up! I plan to move to that area in the summer. I was hoping it was going to be much better than Houston. I used to live in Fort Worth and they has all the major highways under construction at that time. I was like can y’all just to do one at a time please?!

  2. briecash

    Oh no; I can’t compare to Houston cause I’ve never visited Houston; but Dallas…it doesn’t matter what time of day it is when it comes to traffic….but I love my city and I think you’ll enjoy it as well! I wish they would…in like the wee hours of the morning when most people are at home sleep….


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