Booty Rocking Everywhere!

I am confused. Someone please enlighten me. When did the world become obsessed with booty shaking and big butts? This is not a new phenomenon but I am so tired of seeing people shaking their bums or the lack thereof to get attention. I recently watched J. Lo and Nicki Minaj perform on the Fashion Rocks stage during NY Fashion Week. Both of their performances put the focus on their derrieres versus actually displaying their “talent”. Umm and have you seen that “Anaconda” video? Now you may understand why I use the word talent very loosely. Don’t come for me J.Lo and Nicki fans. On Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter I am guaranteed to find at least one picture that I call the “booty shot” in my news feed at least once a day. Today, to my dismay, I saw somebody’s grandma trying to twerk! I draw the line when senior citizens are breaking hips to try to be cool.

All I want to know is why? What is so special about this body part that is equipped for sitting? It’s a muscle covered by fat and skin, people. That’s all! Some are big and some are small. You would think that this body part has magical powers. Has our society really been reduced to this? Looking at booties shaking, obsessing with our butt’s appearance, and even reading a whole blog post about well…derrieres? It’s a sad day my friends. A sad, sad day.

Are you tired of people shaking their rumps? Are you like me and would like to sign a petition on change.org to force the booty popping, picture snapping offenders to have a seat on their butts in a chair? Let’s chat about this!

FYI: Just kidding about the petition thing. I would never do that! Hope you all had a great Wednesday!



  1. Veronica Lee

    Very sad day indeed! And I hate, hate, hate that Anaconda video! Shudder!!!

    1. Brittany

      OMG that video is ridiculous! Its so sad that some women would rather show off their body than show what’s in their brain!


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