Bloggers Beware!

As you all know I am fairly new to blogging. I read a few blogs before getting started and I liked the way the photos caught my attention. So when I started my blog, I wanted it to have the same visual appeal. That was until I read this story this morning. And my outlook changed. Although I love the look of photos on my blog and (Google images usually has great ones) I do not want to end up like this fellow blogger. So I will be revamping my blog to remove all of the photos that I did not take. Sorry if it appears a little dull for now. I just feel that the awesome appearance is not worth the risk! I look at this as a way to challenge myself to be a great photographer. I hope that you all read this story and take heed as well. We all want our blogs to be visually stimulating but is it really worth the cost & trouble?

P.S. Thanks to a lovely friend who directed me to this post. You have no idea how much I appreciate the tip.

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  1. A lot of times, if you nicely ask the blogger or source (or check their FAQ section) they will say you can use a photo if you link back to them in that post and credit them their photo. Thanks for sharing this info and post though!

  2. thanks for sharing. It’s good to read a story like this one every once in a while. I try to use my photos as much as I can. But, I’ve also used photos from Pinterest and I didn’t know it was not OK to use some of them even if you give credit. I think that the photographer tried to go after her because she’s a writer, which is ridiculous. Really great reminder, thanks for sharing!

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