Beauty Product Swap anyone?

Have you ever watched a video about a beauty or makeup product or read a blog or product review and got excited to try it only to realize the product was not available in your area? This has happened to me a million times! So I was sitting here thinking what if I could do something about that? And it hit me…what about doing a beauty product swap with my fellow WFBC members? There are so many of us from different countries in the community , someone has to have access to the product you are dying to try! So I figured we could do it one of 2 ways:

Option #1 Special Delivery:  Choose a member from the community (beauty friend)  to swap products with. You and your beauty friend would choose a price limit (keeping in mind foreign exchange rates & shipping costs). Then find out what kind of items your beauty friend utilizes on a daily basis (eyeliner, mascara, nail polish, etc). Take that information and choose 3-4 items from your country, city, etc that you love and that your beauty friend may not have access to! Ship it with an explanation of the products. Make sure you label the items in case the items are packaged in a language that your beauty friend does not speak! This option is the more fun version in my opinion.

Option #2 Personal Shopper: Maybe you know exactly what you want to try. Option #2 would give you the option to choose a beauty friend to be your personal shopper. You would give them a list of a few products you want and they would then pick it up and ship it to you and vice versa! Please set a price limit to spend so that your personal shopper doesn’t feel overwhelmed by the amount of money they will have to fork out. Also your price limit should include shipping costs and keep in mind the foreign exchange rates.

So what do you all think? Is this something you would be willing to try? Leave a comment down below or comment on the post on the WFBC wall!  This would be limited to members of the WordPress Fashion & Beauty Community. Not a member, no problem! Just click on the link in the right sidebar and join us on Facebook!

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  1. masquerade21

    I’d be willing to try if I wasn’t completely skint (I’m a student) x

    1. brittany

      Totally understandable! I’ve been there 🙂

  2. cinnaspring

    Sounds like a great idea! Though there is one type of beauty swaps where you swap/sell your used beauty products (mostly just to review) to other bloggers or users! Apparently it works but personally I find that too unhygienic… this sounds great! However, like Breige I am a broke postgrad 🙁


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