August WFBC Blog of the Month

Just wanted to take a moment to send a huge shout out to Breige whose blog Beauty & the Best of the Rest was voted the WordPress Fashion & Beauty Community’s blog of the month! Congratulations! Well deserved Breige 🙂 Make sure you guys check out her work! It’s amazing!

Also be sure to check out the WFBC Facebook page and join if you like. It’s one big happy supportive family over there and we would love to have you! Links for Breige’s blog and the WFBC Facebook group can be found in the sidebar!



0 thoughts on “August WFBC Blog of the Month

          1. Ok, no prob, perhaps I can help. I had that issue with my theme before too, so don’t worry. Are you using the Text widget or Image Widget?

          2. I think I might have to change the group button. I’ll check with Breige. But, you can still fix this since if you use Image widget, it will have the option of putting the width and height. Give me a min while I get the url for this button and then I’ll see if I can give you the correct width and height, so don’t move a muscle. 😉

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