Adios DC, Hello Big Apple!

Hey guys! I am super stoked right now. I am sitting in the JFK Airport awaiting our ride into NYC! I know what you’re thinking…what happened the last 2 days in DC? Well don’t worry I wouldn’t leave you guys hanging like that…or would I? Just kidding. Our last 2 days in DC were pretty awesome. Lets start with Day 2.

First, we had a private guided tour of the US Capitol. We were able to arrange this through our state senator. It was amazing. I fell in love with the beautiful architecture in the Capitol as well as all the other historical buildings. The attention to detail was just breathtaking! After the tour, the guide hooked us up with gallery passes to go sit in House of Representatives meeting room. They are good until the next Congressional session which I thought was quite nice. It was pretty neat to see the site where nothing gets accomplished LOL. Big Brother don’t come for me! Anywho we left there and headed to the historical Union Station. It houses an Amtrak station, shops, and restaurants. We had lunch at Johnny Rockets. The food was pretty good for a burger & fries joint. We left there and decided to go to the Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum since it was right next door. My initial thought was this is going to be SO boring. Who wants to visit a museum about mail?! But it turned out not to be such a bad stop after all. Probably not somewhere I would visit again but interesting nonetheless. Did I mention to you all that we walked everywhere in this city?! I mean everywhere. I purchased a short trip Metro pass for my husband and myself (a cost of $70) and we used it 2 freaking times! Can you say waste of money? Anyway I guess you live and you learn. We will definitely not be purchasing one here in NYC. After we left that Smithsonian museum we headed a few blocks down to the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum. Now this is my idea of an awesome museum! There were interactive rides, flight simulators, planetariums, etc. It also housed a few NASA space shuttles and telescopes. We checked out all of the exhibits before checking out the Hubble at the IMAX theatre located in the museum. The film was cool…well the parts of it I was alert for. I am pretty sure I took a power nap during the show. We were pretty exhausted by this point in the day. It was around 5pm and DC was very hot…like 85 degrees! Well the power nap must have given us a second wind so we stopped for refreshments and went for a stroll around the National Mall. Afterward we decided that we would head over to the Obama residence AKA the White House. That was an experience like no other!

I felt like I was visiting another country LOL. There were policemen and Secret Service agents everywhere. There were people on top of the roof surveying the area. And of course there were people protesting in the streets in front of the gate. And then there were tourists galore. It was a little chaotic but of course it was worth the hassle since we had never seen the White House up close & personal. I took a couple of photos and headed across the street to the park while my hubby stood at the gate observing. I think he was secretly hoping he would get a glimpse of the POTUS but unfortunately that didn’t happen. After about an hour or so, we decided to head to dinner at a restaurant called Chop’t Creative Salad Company on 12th Street for dinner. It was just ok. I’ve had better salads elsewhere. While we sat there we came to the conclusion that we couldn’t bare to walk another mile that day so we hailed a cab back to the condo and got settled in for the evening. Whew! I’m pretty tired after writing this. I can’t believe we did all that in one day! But wait there’s more. But you will have to wait to hear about day 3. Our shuttle has arrived to take us to our hotel here in NYC.

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