ABC Date Night Challenge

I love spending quality time with my husband. We do not have children so we still have to ability to go out as much as we like without the added responsibility of planning to make the most of our time. Due to our lack of planning, our dates have become rather basic and blah. We usually dine out somewhere and either go watch a movie at the theater or buy some movies at Best Buy and return home to a relaxing evening on the couch. I don’t want our date nights to continue down the road to stagnation so I am implementing the ABC Date Night Challenge! I got the idea from a post on Pinterest. I would love for other couples- married, dating, with children, and without children-to join in as well.

date night

The rules are simple:

  1. Choose a letter of the alphabet and plan a date around it! That will give you 26 unique dates to go on. (Can you say bye bye repeat dates and hello adventure!) I have created a list of a few examples but you are welcome to customize your dates based around your own interests and your
  2. budget.
  • #A- Aquarium, arcade, or art gallery
  • #B- Baseball game, ballet, bowling,  batting cages, or backyard candlelight dinner
  • #C- circus, car show, concert, cooking class, or cycling through the park or neighborhood together
  • #D- dancing, dressy event, dinner cruise
  • #E- electronics store or empowerment seminar, educational event
  • #F- fair, fashion show, flight lesson, or football game
  • #G- game night, gardening, gun range
  • #H- home movie night, make homemade pizza or ice cream, horseback riding
  • #I- Ice skating, Ice cream parlor, Indoor skydiving, indoor picnic by fireplace
  • #J- Jazz Cafe, jet skiing,
  • #K- Kite flying, karaoke
  • # L- Line dancing, lunch by the lake, love notes- writing and exchange
  • #M- music lesson, museum, masquerade ball, marriage seminar
  • #N- Learn a new activity, new cuisine, try a new restaurant
  • #O- Origami, outdoor movie in park, outdoor activity
  • #P- Picnic, painting class, progressive dinner (eat appetizer 1st restaurant, entree- 2nd restaurant, dessert-3rd restaurant or home;) ), pottery making, photography class or photo shoot
  • #Q- 21 Questions, quick day trip
  • #R- romantic dinner in an unusual setting, review old photos, recreate a memorable date, renaissance fair
  • #S- scavenger hunt, stargazing, shop, segway tour, sailing
  • #T- take a tour, talk for hours via telephone from different rooms,  take in a sunrise or sunset together
  • #U- Up! Go up to a rooftop bar, hot air balloon, restaurant in top of a hotel or building
  • #V- Visit a place that reminds you of a great experience you had with your mate or visit an exotic location, volunteer at a community event
  • #W- Workout together, walk in the park, along the beach, etc., wine tasting, winery tour
  • #X- Xbox game night
  • #Y- yoga, yogurt shop, yachting
  • #Z- zoo or zen garden

2. Take a picture during the date to keep as a souvenir. You can add it to a memory box, scrapbook it, or just keep it as a memory in your smartphone. I would love for you to share it with me @creativityarise via Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #ABCDateNightChallenge. This way we can all get inspired by each other.

3. Continue! The whole point of the challenge is to spend time with your loved one and keep that spark in your relationship.

You can choose your date letters at random or in order. Just have fun! So are you in?? Let me know in the comments below!

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17 thoughts on “ABC Date Night Challenge

  1. I’ve started this with my boyfriend (we’re in the early days – 4 months in:)) but it’s definitely something is keeping us enjoy the honeymoon period! I’m actually having the time of my life.. we’ve kept it to a £10 pp budget.. so that you can’t get too carried away, we both live in London so this is possible… definitely going to recommend to other friends! Also updating my instagram posts with #ABCDateNightChallenge thanks x

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