7 Days to 30

Today marks day one of my week-long countdown to the big 3-0! I am super stoked about my 30th birthday. A few weeks ago I asked my Facebook friends what they would do to end their 20s with a bang. I got some very interesting responses! Some people said they would go skydiving or do something really adventurous. Some people said they would do something to get arrested while others said that they would get “fake arrested” but I’m not quite sure how you would go about doing that. One poster said that she would moon a cop and I thought that was freaking hilarious. I could totally see her doing that. The majority of the responses said that they would go on an amazing trip somewhere. Of course, the travel suggestion immediately peaked my interest. Luckily for me, my husband was already planning an amazing getaway for my birthday. He announced at the beginning of the month that I will get to spend my last days as a 20 something on a beach in the Mayan Riviera of Mexico! I am so excited! This will be the first time I have EVER been outside of the States.

DD photo library 091205 (79) rivera maya

To be honest, I am a tad bit nervous as well. I feel like I have a lot to learn about the Mexican culture before our departure. I have done duo lingo lessons to learn some spanish. I also did lots of research to get a feel for the area where we will be staying. Lastly, I was able to get the scoop on the culture from my best friend and her family from Mexico. I am sure if I stay in the touristy areas I will be fine, but what’s the point of going to another country if I’m not going to at least attempt to experience something new. I am thinking about blogging about my experiences while in Mexico. If you guys would be interested in reading about my experience in the Caribbean, make sure to like this post. I may be able to upload posts while in Mexico if the hotel’s wi-fi is good. Otherwise I will upload them as soon as I return!

My plan for today’s celebration…shopping, eyebrow threading, and lunch with my honey 🙂 Hope you all have an awesome weekend!

How would you spend your last days before a milestone birthday? Have you been to Riviera Maya or surrounding areas? What were your favorite tourist attractions? Let’s chat about it!



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